Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peter Pan Party Reveal: Part One

About a month ago, a friend of mine, Leah, approached me about helping with her daughter's fourth birthday party.  She told me her daughter loved Peter Pan and wanted a party with that theme.  We set to work coming up with ideas for the upcoming party.

It was such a fun experience to plan a party with such a wide spectrum of possibilities.  Peter Pan can be: children flying in the nursery, tee pees, lost boy hide outs, mermaids, pirate ships and so much more!  I wasn't able to be there the day of the party, but Leah did an amazing job setting it all up and even added some details of her own to make the day amazing.

Happy Birthday Abbey, and thank you Leah for letting me be a part of the big day!  Here are some photos taken the day of the party.  Tomorrow I will share the details up close!

Here's the Birthday girl, all dressed up (her Mom picked out the adorable costume)!

The food and drink table

Silhouettes and tee pees

A feather garland hung over the table.

Pirate ship cupcakes

The kids decorated their cupcakes with "pixie dust" (sprakly sprinkles!)

The table and party hats.

Alligator pinata (great addition added to the party by Leah!)

Coloring station with custom peter pan coloring books

A treasure chest for guests to take home.

A fun photo backdrop.

A place to share a "happy thought" with the birthday girl.  Once complete, the happy thoughts were tied to several white balloons that hovered over the guests.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of the invitations and other details!  Click here to see part two.

*All photos courtesy of Brian Lee


  1. I found your blog by way of Ohdeedoh. I love this party! Curious: how did you make the silhouettes?


  2. This party is super duper awesome!

  3. Also found you via Ohdeedoh. This party is just lovely! I'm in the Seattle area, too. Any favorite local party sources? (Always scoping!)

  4. Found you via Ohdeedoh too! What a wonderful party! I highlighted it here on my blog: http://simplysilhouettes.blogspot.com/2011/05/silhouette-party-inspriration.html (I'm a former Shoreline resident too!)

  5. Adorable party! Where did you find the paper feathers?

  6. How did you make the silhouettes? I'm inspired for my daughters party.

  7. Peter Pan is one of the favorite character of kids so many of them want peter pan themed birthday party. the pictures you have posted clearly says that you have planned interesting and successful party, i liked the uniqueness in decorations.

  8. Love your party! I'm wondering, too, where you found your silhouettes.