Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peter Pan Party Reveal: Part Two

As promised, here is a closer look at the details of yesterday's party!


Leah (Abbey's Mom) wanted each child to receive their own copy of Peter Pan along with their invitation.  The invites were modeled after books themselves and were tied with twine and two red felt feathers.

I don't know about you, but my daughter would be ecstatic to receive a new book in the mail!


There was a packet of pixie dust (sewn shut) for each child to sprinkle on their cupcake.  Cupcake toppers made of wooden dowels and striped fabric adorned each treat.

There was a bag and coloring book waiting for each guest on the coffee table.  The drawstring fabric bags held a bundle of crayons and a compass.

Guests wrote "happy thoughts" to the birthday girl on these little cards and then made them "fly" by tying them to white balloons.

On their way out the door, guests received wooden treasure chests full of jelly beans and a bookmark.

There was a paper Peter Pan hat for each guest complete with a handmade paper feather.


A garland made of felt feathers hung over the table.  Unfortunately, the one pictured here got completely tangled in transport!  It was a nightmare, but my genius husband saved the day.  We reconstructed it using thin fishing line instead of thread.  We also attached a small clasp to each wire so the feathers could be transported individually and clipped on the day of the party.  Phew!  Crisis averted.

I created a window using an unfinished wood frame.  Fabric curtains were added and the silhouettes of Wendy and Peter were cut out of stiff felt.

More silhouettes in white frames and handmade fabric tee pees also adorned the party table.

Well, there you have it!  If you missed yesterday's post, go here to see the party in action.

I had so much fun putting this party together and seeing Abbey's eyes light up when she saw everything.  Magical indeed.

Interested in having Swoon involved in your next party?  Please contact me at, I would love to help!


  1. If I were running a contest, you would be the winner of the most creative party organizer! Fantastic job!

  2. I agree! It was amazing to have all the things that I wanted (I just didn't know how to do it and the time to do it) that make the party a party. What a gift I got to give my daughter and a birthday party she'll never forget...neither will her guests. Thanks, Randi! You're amazing!

  3. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I LOVE Peter Pan. It's one of my faves. Nice job. You are like a party superheroine. Would you mind if I featured you and this party on my blog?


  4. You are so sweet :)

    Thank you for wanting to feature it, I would be honored!



  5. Fabulous details and what a magical party this must have been. Might I ask where you got the fantastic compass for the kiddo's?

  6. Absolutely Perfection! I am planning a Peter Pan party for my kiddos. One will be tink and the other Peter. Those invites are perfect and I had books to send with mine too. Is there anyway I got could more detail on the invitation? Is is so perfect!

  7. @risa The invites were really easy to make, if you send me our email address I can give you more info! Thanks :)

  8. @Deb, sorry for the late reply! I actually found the compasses at Walmart in the party favor section (surprising, right?) and added the ribbon to make them a little cuter :)

  9. Just came across this on Pinterest in planning my kids Peter Pan themed party. Love all the details! Where did you get the party hats? Or did you make them?

  10. @Amanda: I made them! I've had so many people ask, so I'm working on a little tutorial, look for it soon :)

  11. Also came across this on Pinterest. My son's obsessed with Jake and Neverland pirates (hes two)..I am also wondering if I could get the know how on the hats and the silhouettes...I cannot find them anywhere to trace on black stock paper for decor!!! Wondering if I could get your help on that!!

  12. I love this party... Especially the invites! My daughter wants a Peter pan party next month also. Can you tell me where you got the books from?

    1. Hi Bridgett! The books were from Amazon (cheapest price we could find). Good luck with your party!


  13. I absolutely LOVE everything about this party. Great idea and you are so talented. Where did you get the wood boxes from?

  14. I really like your ideas. Could you please tell me where you found the silhouettes.

  15. How did you make the silhouettes?