Monday, June 6, 2011

Hand-Colored Father's Day Cards (free download)

I've stumbled upon some great "color your own" cards lately and have fallen in love.  When thinking of something my girls could do for their Dad for Father's Day, cards they could color (more like scribble for them) seemed perfect.  I designed some simple cards for them to work on.

I thought I would share them with you too.

You can download * both cards below.  Print onto thick card stock, cut out and fold in half.  You could even print them on to watercolor paper (cut to fit in the printer) and let your kids paint the cards.

Happy card making friends!

Download "Best Dad, Ever" here

*Feel free to print as many as you need.  You may also share a link to this project on your blog, but please send your readers here to download the cards.  Thank you!


  1. We definitely need to print these off! My kids will love them and most importantly, so will my husband!! Thanks Randi!

  2. Love these, Randi. SO cute + clever.

  3. Printing these as I type!! I'm new to your blog, just letting you know I love it! I posted a link to your cards on

    I think my husband will love these!

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