Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Summer Girl] Lovely Lindsay

While I'm away, I've asked a few friends to make an appearance on Swoon.  Here's the Lovely Lindsay from Run Lucas Run to get you in the mood for summer.

wicker bike baskets full of fresh flowers.
and farmer's market totes filled to the brim with the sweetest smelling strawberries. 
long hot tri-city days cooled with peach izze's turned into popsicles. how am i just now thinking of that?!
uniform:  twirling skirts and bright red salt water sandals.
stacks and stacks of library books read out-loud in backyard pup tents. henry huggins and huckleberry finn. 
the perfect s'more's made over crackling campfire's. instead of microwaves!
fresh squeezed limeade. and lemonade. and oh! a lemonade stand! and the ice cream man.
little boys in little swim trunks. little girls in little ruffled suits. 
hours spent skipping rocks into the river and big brave jumps off the dock. 
kisses under twinkling stars after wild babes are tucked into cozy beds. minus the down comforters.
ice clinks in mason jar glasses. over late night belly laughs. 
pumping and patching flat tires and shining up spokes. 
she & him. on repeat. 
the happiest dreams for this silly summer girl. 


  1. Such a great list. very Lindsay-esque :)

  2. I am DEFinitely a fan of She & Him on repeat :)

  3. I just googled "she & him"- LOVE IT! Go Zooey ;)