Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make it: Lettered Banner

I've been making these lettered banners for a while now and thought I would share a little how-to with you. (I also used a couple here).

There are some great pre-made banners out there, but it's so fun to customize the font, color and words to fit your occasion.  They're so easy to make you could whip up one for your next party in no time!

Step One:

Gather your materials: 

The secret to this banner is "stick-it" felt (a stiff felt with one sticky side) You can find it in most craft stores.  

Printed backward letters.  Make your letters with your computer, using the program of your choice.  You can make the letters as big or small as you'd like it and in any font you'd like. Thicker, less detailed fonts are definitely the easiest to work with.  If you're doing small to medium sized letters you may be able to fit more than one per sheet. 

If you are using photoshop or illustrator  use the "reflect" tool to make your letter backward before you print.  If you don't have one of those programs, don't despair!  Read on for a different solution.

You will also need sharp scissors.

Step Two:

Stick your letter to the felt.

Remove packaging from piece of felt and flip it over.  Remove paper backing to reveal the felt's sticky side.  

If your letter is backward go ahead and stick the whole page right to the felt.

If your letter is not backward, go ahead and cut your letter out first,  flip it over so it is backward and then put it on the felt.

Step three:

Cut your letter out of felt.

Cut around the edge of your letter through the felt and paper.  Flip the letter over and admire!  The felted side of your letter should be facing forward.

Continue this same process until you have all the letters you need for your banner.  Punch holes near the top of the letters with a hole punch and string up with some pretty string or ribbon.

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