Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make it: Lined envelopes

I've been asked more than once about how to line an envelope, and I finally got around to making a little tutorial. 

Lining an envelope makes the contents of the envelope all the more special, don't you think?  Before you spend money on ready-made liners, check out how easy it is to do yourself!

light weight paper in pattern of choice
double-stick tape (I love terrifically tacky brand)

Step One:  Turn your patterned paper over so the wrong side is facing up.  Trace the shape of your envelope onto the paper with your pencil and cut out.
Step Two: Using your ruler, measure an inch up from the bottom of your shape and draw a line.  Also measure 1/8 of an inch on either side and draw lines there as well.  Cut on the lines using your scissors.
Step Three: Flip your liner over and insert in envelope.  Holding it in place, fold the envelope over to make a crease mark where the envelope folds.
Step Four: Pull the liner down at the fold and put two pieces of double stick tape on the edges (as shown above).  Carefully unfold the liner and stick it to the envelope.

Helpful Hint:  If you have several envelopes to line (as I often do), follow steps one and two above with a heavy piece of card stock.  Use the card stock as a template to trace on to as many liners as you need.  Once you've cut them out, follow up with steps three and four with each liner and envelope.