Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 ideas: Feathers

I'm having a moment with feathers over here.  Actually, a moment with all sorts of old-school, natural materials: leather, wool, wood and of course feathers.  I always find myself drawn to these things as we head indoors for Autumn. 

Are you in the mood for feathers too?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. As a Centerpiece:

Feathers can be added to floral centerpieces, but I think they stand up pretty nicely on their own.  Especially when paired with a lovely pop of gold.

2. As a Garland:

source unknown via Amber, green wedding shoes

I love the idea of hanging feathers (real or paper) at an event!  You can see a version of a feather garland I made here.

3. Dyed to perfection:

Can you believe how beautiful these ombre dyed feathers are? You can see the full how-to here.  This could be a great project with kids using bright colors.

4. Feathers with a message:

Use rubber stamps to write a message on a feather.  These would be great on a table or attached to an invitation or card.  A great tutorial can be found here.

5. Make your own feathers:

You can take a variety of materials and make feathers out of them!  Plain paper, of course, but also maps, leather, and felt to name a few.

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