Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite pins of the week:

Oh Emerson, how cute you are
Sweet and rustic garden shears (source unknown, via brown dress with white dots)
These baked pumpkin doughnuts are on my list for Fall (food +words)
Gorgeous packaging by In Haus press (sadly not currently available), found via Lindsay's pin
Beautiful styling and photography by Pia Jane.

How are you, dears?  I'm ready to move on from this week and into the weekend, that's for sure. We had a bit of a stressful week including a fender bender and another unexpected expense, but things are looking up!

I'm hoping to get around to those final pesky move in tasks such as hanging curtain rods and pictures this weekend and (hopefully) making it feel more like home around here.  We're also planning to check out a food truck hot spot in Oakland on Saturday and make use of the pool while we still can. 

I hope you have some lovely plans of your own, enjoy the break! 

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