Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In love with: Terrariums.

One thing I love about living in a small space is the process of curating a selection of belongings that you truly love.  If it doesn't fit or fit in, it has to go.  I spent a lot of time getting rid of things before we got here, but I'm finding there is still more to get rid of or store. 

I've been scouring apartment therapy and pinterest for small space inspiration.  You can see the spaces I find inspiring here.  When everything finally comes together I will be sure to show you!

 (From the September 2011 issue of Real Simple, via MSN)

One thing I've recently fallen in love with are terrariums.  I have no experience with them, but I think a boldly sized bowl would look nice in our new living room.  Have you ever made or bought one before?

(Kiwi Terrarium available from Botany Factory)

There are many DIY resources everywhere, such the tutorials found here, here and a round-up here.  I also found some unique (and fairly affordable) resources at Terrain.

When I told Jeremy I wanted to make one he said it was something my Mom would make.  Uh oh?

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