Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kid parties (on the cheap!)

This morning we started a new ritual.  We followed the tree lined path from our apartment all the way to the little grocery store and then on to Starbucks, which is next door.  The girls really enjoyed walking and being outside.

I hate to make generalizations, but people here seem very friendly and are literally doting on our kids wherever we go.  When pushing a stroller, someone has graciously opened the door for me every time. I don't know if it's a California thing or not-but I like it!

While at the grocery, I picked up a copy of Real Simple Family.  I was pleased to see an article in the back containing simple and affordable ideas for your child's birthday party.  Upon doing a little research I discovered you can actually read the article here as well.

I'm loving the awesome venue for this "circle" party and that doughnut cake is genius!

I can forsee something like this "messy party" in my youngest daughter's future. It would be so fun to let your kids get as messy as they want, especially in the summer (you can just hose them off!).

*All photos by Melanie Acevedo for Real Simple

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