Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two for the road.

I'm excited to show you these little kits I've been putting together for our upcoming road trip.  Do your kids do well on trips?

My girls have done great with a 4-5 hour car ride since birth, sometimes we even forget to bring any toys!

This time around our trip is going to take a whopping three days, so I've been busy putting together some goodie bags.  Everyday they can open their bag and find new treats and toys before we hit the road.

Each bag contains a stack of books, some new and some old.  I also added some cute notebooks from the Target school supply section.

I loaded up my old iphone with some new pre-school friendly apps for Ellie and made a little case.  Some of my favorites are: Peekaboo Forest, Paper Town Friends, My very first app by Eric Carle, and Elmo's Monster Maker.

There is also a box in each bag containing a pencil case (also from Target) filled with brand new colored pencils.  Some little toys will be tucked in there as well.  Mostly from our regular line up,

but also a few new faces.

Do you have any tips for traveling with children-especially of the toddler variety?


  1. brilliant idea. where are you travelling to?

  2. We just drove form Washington State to Alabama and back with my 17 month old daughter. Too many days in the car to count, but she did great. I hate to say this but the dvd player saved our lives on this trip. We also took a ton of books and some new small toys. I also had bought her a little magna doodle just for the trip she loved that. My husband also downloaded some toddler games on his phone as well which she LOVED!! I wish you all the best on your trip and on your new chapter in your life.

  3. adorable, you give me ideas! Thank you

  4. I realize that you already have moved :) I've moved from Cali to Maryland, From MD to WA, from WA back to MD, and now from MD back to Cali! ALL with two youngsters aboard. All of the trips went smoothly! Next time you move, I'll share some ideas to help :)

  5. great idea, I was wondering where I could get those wooden toys. Thanks!

    ~ S