Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Printable fall tags: plaid & herringbone

The shorter days have me dreaming up cozy scenes.  I'm in the mood for: crisp air, soft blankets, warm drinks, and a favorite novel on the porch.  You can see some of my cozy inspirations here.

The other day, I was cleaning while the rain fell outside.  E was at preschool and A was snuggled on the couch.  It was the perfect morning to bake up something good.  I decided to make my favorite soft baked pumpkin cookies

The recipe made more cookies than I remembered (3 dozen!), so I decided I would package some up for the staff at E's school.  I wanted to add a little tag.  I realized I already had one in mind. and went to it.

I picked E up, delivered the cookies and then realized I wasn't done yet.

Why not throw a little bit of herringbone in there for fun too?  If I were having a fall party, these would be the favor for sure. 

You can download the tags here.

Just cut them out and use!  You can fold the herringbone tag in half like I did, or leave as is.


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