Monday, October 10, 2011

Snapshots from a relaxed weekend.

 I have a terrible confession to make friends. 

I am guilty of dragging my kids to a lot of places they'd rather not go.  Lately, it hasn't been working out too well.  There's something about the combination of ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 that hits me right between the eyes.

After some talking, we have made a conscious shift in our family.  One that all families with more than one child end up making.  When we're all together as a family we're making it all about them.  We're really good at doing this at home on weekdays, but evenings and weekends not so much. 

Yes, kids will always have to endure "running errands" with Mom and Dad, but we're going to try to go more at their speed when we can.

We had big plans this weekend for another road trip, but decided to go to a local pumpkin festival instead.

The girls had a blast playing free games, making crafts, running around in the pumpkin patch and jumping in a crazy bouncy house.

After the festival we discovered a little foot bridge running over a stream in the park. 

They played there for the longest time, happy as can be.  And we let them play until they were tired. 

Lesson learned.

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