Thursday, October 6, 2011

Made at home: Anthropologie inspired paper mobile

As promised, here's the how-to on the hanging strands shown yesterday in the bedroom tour.  While a little time consuming, it was very easy to make.

I was inspired by this window display at Anthropologie. Paper circles were hanging on long strands of twine like a curtain.  It looked much better in person! Sorry for the bad phone pic-they weren't open yet, so I tried to snap a picture through the window like a crazy stalker fan. 

Supplies needed:

1. 3+ colors of textured card stock. The amount you need depends on how long your strands are  and how many you choose to hang. You can fit about 12 circles per sheet. I used cover stock in khaki, cement, and white from Paper Source.
2. Jute twine
3. Scissors/hole punch (the smaller, the better)
4. Thumbtacks (for hanging)

Step One: Decide how many strands of jute twine you want and cut them to desired length. I used five strands at three different lengths (1 long, 2 medium, 2 short).  Tie a sturdy knot at the end of each strand.

Step Two: Cut out circles.  I didn't want mine to be perfectly round so I traced an abnormal circle from the bottom of a coffee cup.  I chose to line my colors up in ombre fashion: dark on top, medium in the middle, and white on the bottom.

Step Three: Fold circles in half and punch a hole on the fold (if your circles are smaller than mine you may not need to fold in half, but it did end up adding a nice texture to the strands).   
I highly suggest using a small hole punch if you have one.  You could use a the tip of your scissors if you don't have one (be careful!) I made the mistake of using a regular sized punch at first and my holes were too big and I had to add a little tape to make them smaller (you can see a little bit of tape in the photo above) 

Step Four:  String your circles on to your strands, starting with the bottom color, leaving space between each circle.  When you're done, tie a knot near the top of the strand and push a thumbtack through the knot.  Push thumbtack into ceiling in desired spot.

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