Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A room for the girls:

Even though we're only here for a short while, we wanted to make our girls room a special place for them to go.  I started thinking of  decorations and scheming up solutions for organizing months before we got here (you might remember this post about my plans for the room), and I'm glad to say it's finally done.

Want to see?

You might remember this vintage armoire (find the before picture here).  We stripped off the old yellow paint, rebuilt the top and added some sweet little curtains.  I love it because it holds all the books in one place, within reach of little hands.  Puzzles and games are in the drawer.

I borrowed the clock from the living room, the lamp from our bedroom and purchased this darling print by Lisa Golightly to complete the armoire. A few of our favorite books and a pink vase from Ikea are also on top.

I also borrowed this chair from the living room (we have a set of two) and ending up loving it in here.  I never thought to put it in their room until I saw this peek at Oliver's room, great idea Danyelle!

A close up of this lovely print and the $0.50 Elephant shaped cigarette box who lives on the shelf.   I got it at a vintage shop when E was a baby (the girls think it's a crayon box).

The yellow curtains are from A's old room.  They used to drive me crazy in there because they were so long and hit the floor.  I don't know if you can see from the pictures, but the ceilings are very high here and the curtains work perfectly.

We also made these rolling toy bins for the room.  I was inspired by these and was planning to make them completely from scratch.  I ended up finding unfinished crates at Michael's that we simply added wheels to (and by we I mean my Father-in-law).  I love that I can tuck them in the corner beside the bed at night.

We were given this daybed/trundle before we moved and it works great for saving space.  Not pictured is the travel crib A is still sleeping in as we transition her to her new bed.  The lower bed stays pushed under for now, but I'm sure it will be used in no time.  I made the duvet covers out of vintage flat sheets.

After a trip to Anthropologie last week, I was inspired to make this paper mobile above the bed. It was very easy to make and I'm still trying to decide if I should add more strands.  I put together a simple tutorial for you (check for it tomorrow!) in case you'd like to make your own.

Also above the bed is a magnetic bulletin board, some tiny felt bunting and a card I found in Portland.  I love this doll from goodbyebluemonday (it belongs to Addie).

Sorry for the overload of pictures!  The lighting is a little strange in the room, a mix of harsh light and shadows, but you get the idea.

I find that I'm really fascinated by the rooms of children.  Do you have a unique room for your child or any good ideas you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear about it and even see some pictures.  Who knows?  Maybe it will end up on here.


  1. Just beautiful! I love that it is not an overwhelming space as many kids' rooms tend to be. Kids need a calm space to call their own. You put so much thought into the details and it looks just perfect!

  2. AMAZING Randi!!! You did a great job on that armoire. The whole room is just perfect. :)

    - Sara

  3. I love it! Can I move in? :)

  4. Such a sweet room. Love all the cute details.

  5. Thank you so much for the pictures of my Ice Cream photo framed in your daughters' room.
    It means a lot to me to see how my print is integrated in their cute environment. And it looks so chic with the white Eames chair, the doll and the chevrons pillow. ;)
    Beautiful job !

  6. Darling, darling, darling!!!! My girls would love....