Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute Gift Tags

This being my first year with a child in school, I just remembered that we should be giving a gift to her teachers a couple of days ago.  Oops.  I asked a few teacher friends what their favorite gifts from years past have been.  Both of them said "Starbucks cards" without hesitation, and then added that they always love something homemade. 

So, I whipped up a batch of lemon shortbread (my favorite!) to go along with a Starbucks card for each of Ellie's teachers. 

I packaged the cookies in plastic bags first (to prevent grease marks), made a tag and put them in little brown sacks.  To add a nice touch I decided to stitch the bags closed (attaching the tag in the process).

If you have a last minute gift to make or are still wrapping up your gifts (and need some more variety), you can download my "Merry Christmas to you" tags here.

Happy last minute gift wrapping friends!

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