Monday, December 5, 2011

Printable Reindeer Tags + Stickers

One of my favorite aspects of giving gifts is packaging them up with pretty tags and embellishments.  I think it adds to the anticipation and overall specialness of the gift.  Isn't it so fun to receive a gift that's been thoughtfully wrapped?

I made these reindeer gift tags recently and thought you might want to use them for some of your gifts too!

Just print the tags on to thick paper, punch a hole in the top and tie on some pretty string!

We're mailing most of our gifts this year, so I'm packaging things up in little bags and boxes.  I like the look of a sticker for things like this, so I've also made smaller versions of the reindeer tags that can be printed on full label sheets and cut out.  You can also print the smaller size on to thick paper and use as gift tags.

You can download both the tags and stickers by clicking on the pictures below (print as many as you want!):

Happy wrapping friends!


  1. Thanks for the printables! I tried to save money and cut our photo Christmas card order thinking I could only send them to a third of the usual list. After I started trying to make the necessary cuts, I felt bad, but still didn't have the money to spend. I bought some prints of our photo and stuck your reindeer printable to the corner of the photo with a brief Merry Christmas message from our family written around the circle. If I had the time, I could have mounted them on some card stock and I think I might have liked it better than the cards I ordered!

  2. These tags were the perfect compliment to the handmade afghans that I made for my brothers this Christmas. Thank you for sharing them!