Monday, January 9, 2012


True to form, I didn't get around to writing my resolutions until this last weekend.  I finally had a moment of peace to collect my thoughts.  I guess it takes a little time for things to sink in for me, even a new year.

I'm a natural list-maker, so there's always some kind of planning and scheming going on in the practical realm.  So, when it comes to actual resolutions I like to focus on the direction I would like to head, a theme, if you will.  Something I can look back on through the year to find my place.  Obviously, it takes some practical planning and goal setting to actually achieve such a theme, but it's the theme itself that keeps me motivated over time.

So, with that said, here are my themes for 2012:

1. Slow down and be present.

I remember hearing a lesson about this at some point and realizing that most of us spend our moments looking forward to another moment (or looking back, I suppose).  This completely impairs us from enjoying the moment we're actually in.  By the time we get to the moment we were anticipating, we naturally move on to another moment in the future in our minds.

This year I want to plan ahead enough to enjoy my moments more, to truly focus on one thing at a time.  Even when I don't plan well and the house is a mess, and work is undone, I hope to still be able to focus on the moment at hand.  When I'm with my kids I want to be with my kids.  When I'm working I want to be working.

2. Do things that scare me.  Often.

I'm not really talking about sky-diving scary here (well, maybe?).  I think when we're younger we have no choice- we are thrust into new situations and forced to learn new things all the time.  I've noticed as an adult it's really easy to create a comfortable world around me and not really force myself to get out of it.

Sometimes the best things in life are scary, like meeting a new person, learning a new skill, or kicking a bad habit.  Scary things cause growth.

3. Give more.

I want to give more of my time, money and self to things that really matter.  I want to be intentional about serving everyone around me, from my family to strangers in need.  I don't think anyone who's ever set out to give more has ended up empty handed.

There you have it!  What are you goals this year?  I would love to hear them!

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  1. hi! Randi,
    I have been following your blog for quite sometime and really admire your style. I have 2 kids 4 yr old girl and 1yr old boy. Guess what I just ordered "the Ridikirous book" after your reading your post! My resolution is this year to get out of my comfort zone and try "scary"! thank you for the inspiration. Pallavi