Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to "thank you" week!

Happy Monday to you!

I've decided to make this week all about you, dear readers!  I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read through Swoon, comment on posts, and even follow daily.  It really means the world to me!

At the start of last year, I sent out little gifts to anyone who commented on my blog.  This year, I've decided to send a few goodies to your inbox, just to say thank you for being here.

Do you want to join in?  All you have to do is comment on something this week (today through Friday)!  Be sure to leave your email address somewhere in your comment and you will find a few downloads in your inbox early next week!

Thanks again for being so great!



  1. I just started following your blog. I love your style, so I read you daily. Thanks! Jenny

  2. Great idea!

  3. What a sweet idea! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

  4. Neat idea. I think I discovered your blog not long after you had sent out those little notepads, and I was intrigued by the way you connected with your commenters... even though I missed it! I'm eager to see what you're planning for this week.

  5. What a sweet thing to do for your readers!!!

  6. You are so fantastic!! <3

    shelbysrad91 at yahoo dot com

  7. I've just recently started following Swoon, and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for your kindness:)

  8. Just found your blog the other day. Love it! We've got the same style and thoughts, thanks for sharing.

  9. What a neat idea! I love clicking over to see what neat/yummy/creative/inspirational idea you've featured!