Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Wedding Suite for Mindy & Pat

I wrapped up work on a very special invitation last week.  My dear friend Mindy is marrying another friend, Pat, in March.  I met Mindy back in the carefree days of early high school and the friendship stuck.  We stayed in touch through college and after, and ended up living in the same neighborhood in Seattle a few years ago.

Have I ever told you my husband used to be in a band?  Ahh, yeah.  Around the time we met he was traveling and performing with Foolish Souls.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for a fun little picture that could get me killed...

Anyway, Pat was also a member of this fabulous band.   He and Jeremy are still good friends (he was even in our wedding).  Long story short, Mindy and Pat met one time at our house and then ended up meeting by chance again last year.  They hit it off and now two of our good friends are marrying each other.  So fun!

Mindy loves all things pink and Pat is a kind man, so we went all out.  The handmade sleeve features a floral pattern.  We kept the invite clean and simple to complement all the floral details.

The front of the RSVP post card has an over sized flower and diagonal stripes.  The back of the postcard (pictured above) matches the invite.  The portion to the right is perforated so guests can keep the additional information when they send back their post cards.

I LOVED making these invites for you Mindy and Pat!  I can't wait to go home in March and be in this wedding.  Stay tuned next week for a peek at the save the dates we sent out back in January (out of order I know).

Without further ado, I give you Foolish Souls (sorry Jeremy & Pat!):

Yes, those pants are leather...


  1. Love, love, love! You are a blessing indeed, my friend. And thank you for making all my invite dreams come true :)