Friday, March 2, 2012

March {2012 month-by-month}

Happy March! 

When I think of March I think of the color green and the anticipation of Spring.  Around here, March seems to be the actual start of Spring (it's more like April in Washington) and the trees are already blooming despite the remaining chill in the air!

I hope your week has been lovely and that your weekend in the same!

P.S. My friend Danyelle of Dandee was nominated Best Family blog over on Apartment Therapy!  Join me in sending a vote her way?  You can go here to vote.

Starting in February, I embarked on a year long project called 2012 month-by-month. At the start of each month, I will make the corresponding number for the month out of something that represents that month to me.  The only rule is everything must fit on a letter sized sheet of paper.  You can see February's project here.


  1. So pretty! Love this series. What flowers did you use?

  2. Happy March to you too. That challenge sounds like fun. I love this pic =)

    - Sarah