Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy silhouettes.

I've had countless requests for more information about the silhouettes made for the Peter Pan party.  Some of you have asked about the silhouettes in the window, but many of you have also been curious about the framed digital silhouettes.

If you're curious about the hand cut silhouettes, you can find my tutorial for easy felt silhouettes over at dotcomsformoms today.  These are so easy to make and add a special handmade touch to your party!

If you have asked about the digital silhouettes, I have a few easy steps for you.

Step One: Search "free peter pan coloring pages," pick your favorites, and save.

Step Two: Open one of your saved files in Photoshop and resize to the size of your frame (mine were about 4"x6"). 

Step Three: Use the eraser tool to erase anything you don't want in your final picture, such as words or background details.  This can take a while, be careful and go slow.

Step Four: Set your color to black and fill in your remaining image using your paint bucket tool.  If there are small areas that are difficult to fill in with this tool, you can use the paintbrush tool as well.

Step Five:  Print, cut out and frame!

I hope this answers your questions and gives you a few ideas for making a "character" party more cute and original!

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