Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decorative paper boxes.

Happy Tuesday!  Still no baby over here, but I'm tying up all the loose ends in anticipation.  My Mom flew in yesterday and I finally feel like I can relax!  Any tips for jump starting labor?

Wanted to pop in and share my latest decor project for Dotcoms for Moms!  I updated some plain paper boxes to use in the nursery, and I love how they came out.

If you want to make some boxes of your own, you can view the instructions here


  1. Lovely! Those caught my eye on Pinterest, but I didn't look closely enough to realize that you had made them!! Where did you get the decorative paper?

    1. Thanks Rachel! The paper is from Paper Source. I stood there forever deciding because they have so many pretty options!

  2. Thanks! I've only recently begun to hear about Paper Source. The closest store is 30 miles away, but maybe someday I'll get there...