Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plan a day trip:

I'm really going to miss our spontaneous day trips to the beach when we move.  It's such a luxury to throw a few things in the car, pick up some cold drinks, and head straight to the sand and sea.

We've become experts about what to bring to ensure a long, fun-filled day by the water.  We bring the bare minimum, since one, or both, of our kids will inevitably want us to carry them across the sand while picking the perfect spot on the beach! 

Planning a little excursion to the beach or local watering hole?  This is really all you need:

1. A cooler or insulated bag (I love this vintage one from Etsy!).  We fill ours with tons of fresh fruit and sandwiches, either from home or picked up on the way.  2. Lots of water and a water bottle for each person.  3. Beach towels (roll them up to save space).  Ours are nearly falling apart from use, and I'd love to invest in something more durable and pretty, like these ones from the girl & the water.  4. A durable tote to carry it all.  It's nice to throw a few plastic sacks into your bag too, for the wet towels and dirty beach toys that come later.  5. A beach blanket.  We use our favorite quilt, but I love these striped blankets from Steven Alan (each one is unique!)  6. Toys for the kids.  I love these tin beach pails (our actual beach toys came from a raid on the $1 section at Tar-jay though).  My kids can literally play for hours in the sand, so I try to throw in a book or magazine and enjoy the time!  7. Sunscreen We've been using a few products from the Josie Maran line and love them!  They don't irritate children's skin, so the whole family can use the same bottle.  Make sure to reapply every two hours (or after swimming)!

You could also add sunglasses, a floppy hat, and ice cream money to the list.  Yep, you should always have money for ice cream :)

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