Thursday, July 12, 2012

A nursery for Jack.

I wanted to share my recent nursery inspirations with you, but really this post is about revealing the name we've (finally) decided on.  Jack.  It took us forever, and we're still debating on the middle name, but it feels more real to "say" it out loud to you!

I've been spending so much time planning the nursery in our new house that I'm certain it will be the first room we finish! It's currently painted a nice rosy shade of pink, so I have a good reason to get started right away.  The room is small and cozy with wooden floors, white trim, and a sweet little built in shelf on the wall.

I plan to paint the walls a lovely ash color from Restoration hardware, and stain our old crib and changing table gray, using this stain.  I also plan to stain a small ikea dresser we've had for years a nice cobalt blue and switch out the wooden pulls for gold ones. 

I've been scouring the internet for a few little vintage finds to display on the shelf, as well as vintage maps and charts for the walls.  We already own this sunburst mirror, and this fluffy rug, and a new friend is busy making that lovely Hudson Bay inspired wool blanket for us.  Phew! Let's just hope I still feel inspired by the time he's born and we're in our new house :)

What do you think?  Would you plan a nursery that's more grown-up than babyish?

letterpress constellation print / topographic map / crib / vintage clock / cobalt dresser


  1. Love it! Great details. I'm all for nursery's having a more grown-up look than babyish. They tend to grow with the child more and are easier to adjust.

  2. Loving your picks, Randi. Can't wait to see it all put together for baby Jack.

  3. Jack is such a sweet name for a boy, and it looks like his room will be perfect for him! Love the blanket :)

  4. Zekiah's room is grown up too. pops of baby fun, like an alligator piggy bank and toys on display. my husband and i feel his room is more sophisticated than our room.

  5. and Jack is very cute! great choice.

  6. It's fun to hear the name and see the decor you're choosing. :)

  7. A beach inspiration...


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