Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make it: Tropical hair mask

I've had this curious coconut oil from Trader Joe's in my cupboard for a little while now. It has a fresh coconut smell that reminds me of summer. I have no idea how people cook with it, but I do know that natural oils make for great hair treatments.  The sun and chlorine have left my hair a little dry, so I decided to see what would happen if I applied a little bit of the tropical goodness to my locks.

To treat your own hair, put a small amount of coconut oil in a glass jar or cup and and heat in the microwave- 10-15 seconds is enough.  This stuff heats up fast, so be careful!  While your oil cools a bit, wet your hair with warm water and comb out.  Pour oil over hair, concentrating on the ends (I stood over the bathroom sink to avoid drips).  Twist into a knot and secure with pins.  Let it sit for about an hour, if you can stand it, and then wash and condition hair as normal.  You may need to shampoo twice if you went a little crazy on the oil!

My hair definitely felt softer and looked a little shinier after using this mask, and you can't beat the cost of making something at home!  What about you?  Have you ever tried a homemade beauty product?


  1. I tried it and loved it! I have quite dry hair and after using this mask, my hair looked healthier and felt softer. Thank you!

  2. been doings this at least every three days for one year now and love it. Another thing I do is wash my hair with shampoo do everything else. come out of the shower then put on my conditioner . nothing else no products nothing and brush my hair let it air dry and i have no fly aways at all. i promise try it

  3. Coconut oil is fab for so many things! I'm definitely going to do a mask soon, thanks for this. I also use it in cooking instead of butter. :) It's especially good for cooking fruit or sweet potatoes.