Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eames inspired wall clock.

Having a larger home means more rooms, and more rooms mean more clocks to me! A room doesn't feel complete unless it has some kind of time-telling device in it. Weird? Maybe. This last weekend, I was inspired to make this little clock, modeled after the iconic Eames bird.  I'm not sure if he'll end up in the cozy basement or the nursery, but either way, I love the little guy.

If you're interested in making your own feathered friend, head over to my post at dotcomsformoms. What do you think?  Do most rooms require a clock?


  1. I love your blog...just added you to my list! Your clock is spectacular and yes I think that adding a clock does something to a room. Especially if it is unique like yours or has a story.

  2. Such a nice clock and very unique. Love to have that one on my room.

  3. Nice, Randi! My dad made a lot of clocks when I was a kid, and it was not uncommon for each room to have two or three clocks. (And they still do!) Sometimes guests would see the clocks and ask us whether all that ticking bothered us. We didn't even notice it. :-)

  4. oh yes, i'm 100% with you - every room needs a clock. yours is gorgeous :) :)


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