Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jack does Wittlebee.

 Have you heard of the children's clothing company Wittlebee yet? It's an awesome service that sends you a box stocked with adorable clothes for your child each month for a flat fee. Picky about what your kids wear? Me too. When you join, you can fill out an extensive profile about your likes/dislikes, sizes needed, and even specific items you would love to see in your box.

This being my first boy, I was already considering joining up when Wittlebee offered to send Jack a little box to try out.

One bright morning we opened the mailbox to find the infamous (and cute!) Wittlebee box tucked inside. As you can see, Jack was thrilled.

We opened up the box to find a nice assortment of 0-3 month clothes-including two stripey shirts-my fave! Among other brands, there were items from Sage Creek Organics, and Kate Quinn Organics too. Other brands that might be found in your box include, American Apparel, Tea Collection, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Here's Jack modeling one of his outfits. I think this is a great idea for busy parents who don't want to spend a fortune on basics for their baby or child. I also love that you can customize your box each month and cancel service anytime you want.

I think we may have become converts, way to go Wittlebee!*

*nope, I wasn't paid to say any of this. This review contains my honest opinion of this product and no compensation was received.


  1. My baby is 12 weeks old. We have a TON of clothing, but it's all hand-me-downs. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing the same stuff. I think this is the perfect solution for us to get a little variety in his wardrobe. And the price is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Randi!

  2. I just heard about Wittlebee yesterday for the first time. I'm a total bargain hunter, plus I like to know what I'm buying, so it's not a good fit for me, but I can see it being a fun option for some parents. :)

  3. Adorable baby!:)
    My wee ones loves Wittlebee too.<3