Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make it: Recycled Hearts Garland

Do you have a stash of gift bags somewhere in your house? I was looking through my never ending pile the other day and realizing I will probably never end up using all of those pretty bags. Why not turn them into something I can use now?

I don't always decorate for Valentine's Day, but I've been feeling more festive since we moved into our house. I came across a cute Christmas gift bag from Target in my stash that could easily be used as Valentine's decor and set to work! You could make this garland from any leftover red gift bags/wrap/tags that you may have on hand.

I deconstructed the bag and took a heart punch to it. The garlands shown above are small, about 20-25 hearts each, but I have enough from the bag to make garlands at least three times the size.

Next, I punched a hole near the top and near the bottom of each heart with a small hole punch.

Using an embroidery needle, I threaded some white embroidery floss through each heart, starting by going through the front of the bottom hole and then up through the back of the top hole (except for one-oops! Can you spot it?). Use as many hearts as you like and then hang your festive garland in your home!

P.S. The gold garland is just golden seals folded in half over some pink embroidery floss!