Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bleach-dyed tees for summer.

Have you seen all of the great bleach-dyed projects floating around lately? People are dipping things in it, spraying it all over their denim, and even painting on fabric with it. I'm normally a fan of a more natural dye, but I'm loving this effect. I've been itching to make something, and one night, at exactly midnight, I decided this grey tank I've had in my closet for three years deserved a new look.

So, alone at the utility sink in the basement, with yellow dish gloves on, I did just that. I didn't catch any pictures of the process (midnight, you know), but the whole thing is quite simple....choose a shirt or tank (preferably cotton so it doesn't fall apart from all of that bleach'in), pour bleach into a safe container, and dip that shirt in! I left my shirt in long enough to actually turn all the way white (less than 30 minutes), but I love how the top part didn't bleach out all the way. It has a nice pinky hue that looks planned. Let the shirt dry completely and then wash it alone in cold water before wearing.

Happy bleaching!

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