Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesdays at the park.

We are lucky to have so many great parks and beaches in the Seattle area. Now that the weather has warmed, we've come out of hiding and have begun to explore a bit more. Going to the park alone with three to four children is not the easiest of tasks, but when you live here and the sun shines, the time is always right. You go out because you don't know when it will return. And staying home would just be lame....

We've made it our mission to visit a new park every Tuesday until the cold and rainy season returns. Preferably with a little ice cream stop after we've worn ourselves out.

There may be other parks on other days, but Tuesday, you can count on.


  1. ah, i'm going to need to know more about that cone thing in the picture, what's in it?!

    1. Hi Shaka, there was a farmer's market at one of the parks and they were selling these amazing chips made from root veggies! I'm dying to try it at home ;)

  2. We love exploring our Seattle parks too! Maybe we will see you out and about!
    xo Darien