Monday, July 8, 2013

Today's Popsicle: Lime + Coconut Cream

When the summer heat finally rolls around, we're all about ice cream and ice pops around here. Making our own ice pops is a fun tradition we started last year. We've only had time to make them once so far, but this one was a big hit and didn't take long to make (a win-win in my book).

We were so excited about summery citrus fruit that we accidentally bought a bag of limes at Costco. We exhausted all uses of the green fruit and still had half a bag left, so we we whipped up some limeade. We didn't use a recipe, but this one looks about right. Around this time, we had our first Seattle heat wave and there was nothing to be done but to pour some of this refreshing stuff into the popsicle molds. We decided to add a little tropical flair to each one by adding about a tablespoon of Trader Joe's coconut cream (thinned with a little bit of water) to the bottom.

Freeze for a few hours and voila! you've got a sweet and sour treat for a hot day. Do you have a favorite ice pop recipe? The molds are sitting on the counter, just waiting to be filled again...

These cantaloupe pops look amazing!  But my popsicle loving heart will always truly belong to my beloved Bar Gelato.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! My husband and kids always love orange pops but I am not a fan. I have long wondered what I could use to make it creamier, and therefore more to my tastes. Coconut cream sounds like the perfect solution. Thanks so much!