Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas in Pictures 2013

Taking a break from the non-stop holiday party going on here to update this little space! This Christmas has been everything I wanted it to be and more. Our home has been filled to the brim with friends, old and new, good, warm food, music, and roaring fires. Not to mention the evenings spent with family watching movies and the quiet midnights spent reading alone by the twinkly tree. I've been living in a state of Christmas morning giddy-filled bliss for over two weeks now, and we've still got one more week of break to go. Can you tell this season is my favorite?

I truly hope that you have had a lovely time this past week too, wherever you may be. I hope that Christmas found you in your heart and bloomed there for a while. I hope you shared a few moments of anticipation and experienced the joy of giving. I hope that your soul was warmed and that tears pricked your eyes when you saw the beauty of this holiday through the eyes of a child. I hope that you felt love surround you.

Here's to all things merry and bright!


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