Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whip Up Wednesday: Butterfly Valentines

Ah, Valentine's Day. Can you believe it's only a little over a week away? I thought I would dedicate this week's whip up Wednesday to the making of simple class Valentines.

This year we have two bundles of cards to bring to school, so I turned once again to the trinket/dime toy section of the toy store-because they are already going to be hyped on sugar and a cute card with a toy beats a character card every time! The party favor section is also a great place to look for hidden treasures.

While searching the bins of toys, these little butterflies jumped out at me. They have Addie written all over them, and at $0.10 a pop I had not choice but to snatch them up (find pretty Plastic Butterflies similar to mine for yourself). I printed a little card and attached the butterflies with a little piece of double stick tape. I made the dotty envelopes by stamping them with a pencil eraser and a black ink pad.

I am definitely not the first to go this route with class Valentines. If you're looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out Danyelle's archives-she is the QUEEN of simple and adorable cards!

Feel free to download my template here.

Stay tuned for part two...


  1. These valentine's are so cute! I love them. You are so creative and talented!

  2. Really cute, Randi! And thanks for the kind mention. I don't think I've ever been called the queen of anything. :) xo

  3. Just adorable!! Always on the look out for creative class valentines. So glad to find your blog! We're just starting out, and you are certainly inspiring!