Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's hard to put into words exactly what I'm feeling as I turn 30 today....Grateful for the blessings, thankful for the growth in hard times, humbled, and most of all, loved. I can't wait to spend another decade learning, refining, loving, making, dreaming, deepening, and living every minute of this beautiful life.

I think we spend a lot of time in our 20's figuring ourselves out and maybe even trying to prove something to the world. I'm feeling most of that fade away and I just want to focus on who I love, what I love, and becoming a better version of myself. I'm incredibly humbled by what I've been given and long to just be worthy of all of the blessings in my life, and to be a blessing to someone else.

Thank you for sharing this day with me! So grateful for you.


  1. Happy birthday to you!! Have a blessed birthday sharing it with the ones you love.

  2. happy happy happy happy happy happy (belated) birthday to you. 30 seemed big to me (that was 4 years ago now). But I had just had my 3rd child four days prior. So it was definitely overshadowed by our new little one. :)

  3. Happy birthday!
    I just discovered your blog, and look forward to digging into your projects this evening.

    30 is barely a memory for me... But I'd still like to pass on: Everything (except, maybe, the backs of our thighs) gets even BETTER with every passing year. Probably hard to believe now. (I know I didn't think that was possible -- 30 was just so much fun). Anyway... Enjoy!!!