Monday, May 9, 2011


Our church had this photo booth set up yesterday for Mother's Day.  How fun is that?

I didn't realize when I pushed the button "black and white" that the photos would immediately begin.  Oops.  At least we got it together by the end!

While we're at it, how about these cool photo booth invitations?


  1. How fun! Your little family looks so sweet, hope you had a lovely day.

  2. I received the 100th post package today! my husband seemed to enjoy watching me as I ooo'd and aaah'd as I pulled each item out of the box.

    looking forward to keep on reading your blog!

    ps. I am friends with Tara from RI, who had won the last contest

  3. What a neat idea!

  4. @Dandee: Thanks, we had a great day. Hope yours was special too!

    @Karissa: I'm so glad your package arrived safely and that you are having fun with it! I wondered if you knew Tara when I saw RI on your address.