Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick gift: Cozy hand warmers

Still have a few people left on your list?  Here's a quick and cute gift you can whip up in 20 minutes or less!

These little hand warmers are filled with rice and are perfect for slipping in your pocket before you run out the door!  I made a few extra for myself for those chilly late evening/early morning walks with my dog.

Supply list:

4 pieces of 3"x3" cotton fabric (no blends)
sewing machine/supplies
uncooked rice

To Make:

Pin two pieces of fabric together, wrong side out
Use your machine to sew around the edges, leaving at least an inch open
Turn square right side out
Fill square 3/4 of the way with rice (I used a spoon)
Hand sew or machine stitch the pocket opening

Package your hand warmers in a cute bag and be sure to include instructions for use (shown in third photo above).

Now you have more time for eggnog and mistletoe (you're welcome).


  1. I definitely repinned. ; ) These are darling! I love the hand warmers, too!! What a great handmade gift! xo

  2. how long do these stay warm?

  3. How long do these last? Can you reheat them day after day?

  4. So cute. Do you provide a printable of the instructions?

  5. Great idea, Thank you for this sharing.
    Instead of grains of rice, I am going to put cores of cherries!
    Have a nice day !

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    Thank you,


  7. I use flaxseed in mine. Works great. I made some larger ones to use for aches and pains. I keep them in the freezer because some things you need to ice first. They can be heated in the microwave many times. I made mine three years ago and still use them.

  8. Better to use zippo hand warmer.
    The zippo-style ones are great but I;'d get the Whitby Warmer as it's exactly the same and half the price.

    edit: actually, having searched they aren't as cheap as they used to be. Mine was a freebie but I do really rate it.

  9. Thank you so much!! I finished making all 4 of my kids their home made Christmas gift and even finished the dog's gift. I have been searching all over the internet for something for my husband that he could also actually use and this is PERFECT. Just saved me a lot of headache and time.

  10. Perfect teacher gifts also…especially for those who have duty outside.