Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The results are in:

Our babe-to-be is officially a boy!  We found out this weekend while we were in Seattle (more on that later) and my mind has been spinning ever since. 

My Mom and I couldn't resist picking up a few sweet little things while we were together.  Can you believe I've hardly ever been to that side of the store? 


  1. congratulations! oh, that little sweater.

  2. congratulations!! we are expecting a boy any day now! very exciting. little boys have some wonderful clothes and styling options! our little boy has a fedora

  3. Congrats! It's so fun to know. :)

  4. We love our girlies and our boys, however, we are very excited that you and Jer get to experience raising a boy. They are very different than girls, but extremely fun! YAY! Grandma

  5. Yay! I could not resist that little kimono onesie. Our little boys will be styling.

    1. Are you hanging in there Melanie? Hoping your little guy arrives soon! My first was 10 days overdue, and the best thing I did for myself was get a nice long massage :)