Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello California.

We arrived at our new home at the end of last week and we are loving it!

Giant $5 bouquet from Trader Joe's

Foggy mornings that turn into hot afternoons, In-N-Out right around the corner, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to shop at and adventure at every turn-what's not to love?  We're headed out to try the pool this afternoon.

My parent's flew home this morning after helping us haul all of our stuff across the northwest.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Now the real work of unpacking and settling in begins.  Posting might be a little all over the place this week for obvious reasons.  I'm especially feeling the need to spend extra time with the kiddos as they adjust to their new home.
While out exploring, my Mom picked up a book I've been wanting and left it with us to enjoy.

This is San Fransisco (by Miroslav Sasek) is the perfect addition to our library.  We've enjoyed looking through the pages of lovely illustrations and fun information.  Thank you Mom!

Hope Monday is treating you well!


  1. so happy you've made it safely! can't wait to read about all of your adventures. enjoy snuggling into your new home. love, lindsay

  2. Glad to hear that you made it there safe & sound!!! I hope that the unpacking goes fast for you!!

  3. would love to know where you are in the Bay. I would be happy to give tips, as I am a North Bay resident myself.