Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Whip Up Wednesday: Wax + Ink Valentines

Now that the kids are settled with their classroom valentines, it's time to make something for my Love. This year marks our 12th Valentine's Day together and I have Paula Abdul to thank for giving me the perfect words to say. I am forever and always his girl.

I've been playing around with wax and ink and decided to make a little card for J. Did you know wax and ink naturally resist each other? You can use a white crayon over ink much like chalk on a chalkboard and I love the effect!

To make your own card, gather:

heavy paper
india ink
a paintbrush and small vessel for ink
a white crayon
a pencil

First, draw a faint outline of your design-be it letters, a heart, or anything else you dream up. Next, fill in your design with the white crayon, pressing as hard as you can and going over the area a few times. Paint ink over the top of your design and let it dry completely. As your paper dries, you will see the wax slowly come through. For a subtle design, leave as is. I wanted my design to be more bold, so once the ink completely dried, I went back over my design with more white crayon, which made a huge difference!

Do you have anything special planned this week?

1 comment:

  1. Love this effect...and much nicer than a "cold hearted snake" card.