Monday, March 19, 2012

On dressing a baby bump.

An alternative title to this post would be "how to stretch your non-maternity wardrobe as far as you can, while still looking cute," but that seemed a bit long.

When I was pregnant with my first, I couldn't wait to go to that special maternity aisle and pick something out.  I bought a few outfits within the first couple of months, long before they were needed.  It felt great to acknowledge my special baby secret that was still hidden from the outside world.  I started wearing those over sized clothes way too early, too. Maybe if someone would have told me I would be wearing those same outfits for six months straight and grow to loathe the very sight of them, I would have waited a little longer.

I threw out/gave away most of those outfits from pregnancy #1 because I knew I would want to start over next time (also, turns out Old Navy clothes don't hold up so well to heavy use!).  I waited until the last possible moment to wear maternity clothes with my second and surprisingly felt much more fashionable and pretty in my fitted, normal clothes. 

I have more thoughts and tricks to share on that another day, but for now I thought I would share a few inspirational resources I've been looking to as my third bump continues to appear.  Perhaps they will give you ideas for your own closet now or in the future.

Sydney from the Daybook (pictured in top photo above) had to be the cutest little pregnant dresser ever!  It looks to me like she incorporated a lot of her non-maternity wear into her pregnancy wardrobe using layers and belts.  It doesn't hurt that her hair and makeup always look adorable too!  If you start on this page and look forward in the posts you can see her throughout her pregnancy-did I mention she's also hilarious?  You won't be disappointed.

Also pictured above is a blog I came across via Pinterest called Aura Joon.  Isn't she lovely?  She has some great ideas for dressing a bump in this post here.  I found myself scrolling through the many beautiful, calming photos, and wise words throughout her blog as well!

Do you have any tips or tricks for looking fashionable during pregnancy without spending a fortune? 


  1. Love that first outfit! I'll have to check these tips out the next time I'm pregnant...

  2. I agree, the first outfit is gorgeous!!

  3. It cannot be helped but noticed that fathers are really looking forward to having a baby boy and carry the family name. It just seems fitting that as your baby boy grows up; he will be wearing toddler boy's clothes that exude charm, comfort and style to showcase the man that he is going to be. After all, fathers who have expectations already have a whole 10 year plan on what he wants his little guy to be when growing up.