Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hand-dyed Invites

Have you met my fabulous sister Melissa?  If you have, you know that her and her husband, Ross, are moving to South Korea in June.  She is going to be an English teacher there (let's keep ignoring the fact that my little nuclear family will be spread all around the world very soon...).  We're having a little get together soon to send them off.

Remember the dip-dyed cards I made a while back?  I made these colorful invites using the same technique.

Color is everywhere this year.  Have you found yourself adding more to your life?

*Photo of Melissa courtesy of Ross James


  1. Beautiful! But I have a question. Is there a way to keep the paper from curling? Would you have to use a thicker paper? Or press it somehow? Or is the slight curl part of its charm? :)

  2. I met your sister and brother-in-law a few years back at the Wall Portrait Conference in Yakima. Love their work. So sad for you that your sister is moving so far away. Excited for their new adventures!!!

  3. R8chel:

    The blue invites were extra curled in the picture because they were still wet. You can look at the other colors to see what the finished product looks like. There is still a little bit of curl when they are dry, but I don't mind it. Watercolor paper is probably the thickest paper you can run through your printer. When your paper is mostly dry, and not rubbing any color off, you could probably press it between two books and it would dry straighter. Hope that helps!


    Small world! They are so excited to try something new :)